What are you looking for?

Consider the following
Provides opportunities for continuous training and education
Provides long-term benefits for you and your family
Provides consistent and structured pay increases
You are serving a vital role in the growth of communities
You have a rewarding career of which you are proud


Have you considered?

Before you apply for a North Alabama Electrical JATC apprenticeship you should ask yourself; “am I seeking a job or a career?” While these words are often used interchangeably they are conceptually very different and your answer to this question is critical in determining weather you should go through the rigors of the North Alabama JATC application process.

While both a job and a career involve getting up and going to work in the morning, there is a huge difference in the mindset of a person holding a job and the mindset of a person pursuing a career. A job, for example, is an activity through which an individual can earn money. It is a regular activity done simply in exchange of payment. A job is something you do without much concern for the long-term. 

A career, on the other hand, is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or the general course of progression towards lifelong goals. A career generally involves continuous training/education combined with work-related experiences leading to credentialing within an industry as a professional, expert, or journeyman. 

Over the next twelve months there will be hundreds of applicants who meet the “minimum requirements” for application to our apprenticeship programs. Only those that have the highest levels of commitment, desire and passion to become professional electricians will succeed. It will be these individuals who go “over and beyond” in collecting supplemental documentation to submit with their application. It is these people who will study for the aptitude test and prepare themselves adequately for the interview process. These folks will do whatever is needed to succeed and realize their lifelong ambition…a career as a professional in the electrical industry! 

Conversely, individuals simply seeking a “job” or who want “the wages and benefits” associated with being a journey-level electrician without a long-term commitment to this pursuit need not waist their time applying.

Introduction Movies

Interested in electrical apprenticeship?

Here are some great introductory movies so you can learn more now.

Play Classroom Instruction movie

Play JATC and Your Future movie

Play Sample Jobs movie

Play What is an Apprentice movie

Earn while you Learn

An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with classroom training.

You will work year-round for electrical contractors and attend classroom sessions during the academic year. As you learn by doing, you are paid directly by the contractor with whom you are employed. While progressing through the training, you receive guaranteed promotion and pay raises.

Apprentice Services

Apprentices can now log into their personal web account.

With Apprentice Services you can enter Monthly Work Reports, update Contact Information, view Employment history, Work Report history, Advancement history and Class history, including grades and test scores from the current class you are attending.